We Have A Winner! (For the Feline Flash Fiction Competition)

Actually, there are four winners, but I didn’t want to complicate the title.

Our first birthday competition went much better than we thought it would. There were a huge number of high quality entries that made us laugh, giggle and in some cases, well up with tears. It was exceptionally difficult sending over just 10 to our judges… so we sent 11. I know, I know, but seriously, we couldn’t quite agree on a top 10. Luckily for us, both judges didn’t mind.

If you’re interested to see if you made the top 11 – here are the entries we sent over to Adam Dalton and Alex Shepherd:

The Cat Mirror – Rob Bayliss

The Secret Life of Walter Kitty – Paige Daniels

Soul Cat – Joshua Cornah

Be A Good Kitty – Lance Cross

Wildcat – Jessica Frost

Morning Ritual – Mike Hargreaves

The Hunt – Will Macmillan-Jones

Catatonic – Caitlin Norrington

Nine Lives Later – Christie Rampersad

The Bast Mafdet Transcript – Ian Richardson

Nein Lives – A.F.E Smith

If your name isn’t there – please don’t be disappointed. Like I’ve said (and the judges have said) the overall quality of stories was excellent. We had two entries from young sisters (aged 9 and 11) from Oxford that were simply wonderful, and an entry from a 10yr old girl from America that made us smile. If these budding writers continue to write and continue to improve – I absolutely believe they’ll be published authors very soon.


So we send the entries over, and the final decisions were made. First and Second place were unanimous. Third differed and so we decided to award third place to two authors and give them a voucher for the full amount each. Seemed fair.

Today, I’ll list the winners, and then this week I’ll post the winning entries.


First Place:

Nein Lives – A.F.E Smith

Second Place:

The Hunt – Will Macmillan-Jones

Third Place:

Nine Lives Later – Christie Rampersad

Be A Good Kitty – Lance Cross




Please remember everyone, these were judged ‘blind’ – meaning the judges did not see the name/address/covering letter from the entrants. They were judged purely on the story.

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