Space Games

Reading Space Games is a treat. When we first read the submission, it was clear that Dean had thrown every ounce of passion he had into the characters, but what really caught our attention was the subtle nods to satire threaded through the subplots and stories of those watching ‘Big Joe’ and Robin.
If you enjoy fast-paced, thought-provoking and well written pulp thrillers – this is for you.
If you enjoy love stories and happy endings… well, look away.



Paperback ISBN          978-1-909374-14-0

Kindle (Mobi) ISBN     978-1-909374-13-3

Epub ISBN                   978-1-909374-12-6

The book will be released on the 15.05.13 and available via all good online stockists for all e-reader platforms and in paperback.
The digital version will be priced at £2.99 and the paperback at £8.99.

Please note though that pricing may vary slightly due to currency conversion rates.


The cameras are on and the gloves are off in this battle of the sexes in space.

Say hello to Robin and Joe—contestants in 2034’s “Space Games,” a high-stakes reality TV show from Hollywood producer Sheldon J. Zimmer that is set aboard next-generation space station, ISS 2. The winner takes home a multimillion-dollar jackpot and a chance at stardom, while the loser faces the ultimate in public humiliation. Only former NASA astronaut Vince, acting as the station’s commander and the games’ sole referee, can separate sexy spitfire and martial artist, Robin Miller, from her brutal opponent, “Big Joe” O’Donnell, as the pair compete inside the cramped zero-g environs. Watched by millions of people back on Earth, the reality show rapidly degenerates into a deadly spectacle.

Space Games is a compelling story and a biting satire about reality television: those who make and participate in it – and those who watch it.