The Spire of Frozen Fire promo video

A new promo video, this time for the novella, The Spire of Frozen Fire by Joel Cornah.

Taking place several years before the events of The Sea-Stone Sword, this tale tells us of Jareth the pirate and her journey to Bron’Halla, the prison at the end of the world. She goes in search of secrets, but what she finds there is deeper and more dangerous than anything she imagined.

I made this video with the help of my friends from Finland. So, that’s about a North as you can get, I’m afraid. Yes, all that talk of it being south-of-south was a lie! All Finland! Oh the shame, the shame of it all! See, this is how the media lies to you!

Anyway, the Spire of Frozen Fire is a good thing to get you in the winter spirit.

Pop it on your Kindle for 77p

Or for £3.49 get it in Paperback

Pengs, pirates, and an ancient ice drakan. All you need for Christmas, I’m sure!