The Gloves Are Off… It’s time for the cover reveal for ‘Space Games’


Space Games

Well, here it is! The much awaited cover for Dean Lombardo’s SPACE GAMES. 

We think the pulp-like feel has been captured perfectly by Ken Dawson, and the players preparing to battle sets the tone. We hope you like it too!

SPACE GAMES is pencilled for worldwide release in electronic and paper formats on the 15th May 2013.


Here’s the blurb to whet the appetite:

The cameras are on and the gloves are off in this battle of the sexes in space.

Say hello to Robin and Joe—contestants in 2034’s “Space Games,” a high-stakes reality TV show from Hollywood producer Sheldon J. Zimmer that is set aboard next-generation space station, ISS 2. The winner takes home a multimillion-dollar jackpot and a chance at stardom, while the loser faces the ultimate in public humiliation. Only former NASA astronaut Vince, acting as the station’s commander and the games’ sole referee, can separate sexy spitfire and martial artist, Robin Miller, from her brutal opponent, “Big Joe” O’Donnell, as the pair compete inside the cramped zero-g environs. Watched by millions of people back on Earth, the reality show rapidly degenerates into a deadly, live spectacle.

Space Games is a compelling story and a biting satire about reality television: those who make and participate in it – and those who watch it.


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