The 2016 (tentative) Catalogue! 1

Slightly disorientated and bleary-eyed, we seem to have stumbled into 2016. 2015 was over before it really started, leaving us panicking and running around screaming ‘there’s too much to do!’

Still, Grimbold Books attended 2 conventions last year, selling and launching books at both. In total, we published over 10 titles…not bad for a small team, huh? 🙂

2016 looks to be bigger and brighter. We’ve already invited guest editors and interns on board for this year’s projects and can’t wait to share the titles we’re working on with you.  We’re going to be at Edgelit, FantasyCon, BristolCon, Gloucester ComicCon and potentially Swindon ComicCon too!

On the 1st of January we were delighted to publish Tom Lloyd’s novella ‘Fear The Reaper’ in paperback and eBook. A standalone tale, it’s a gripping read that showcases the very enviable talents of Mr Lloyd. We’re hoping that you’ll all pick up a copy!

Later this year we have the anthology ‘Fight Like A Girl’ launching in Bristol. Some of the finest female authors in the SFF community have contributed their work for this collection, showcasing what it is to be a female fighter.

Then, we have the following titles. Now, the dates are subject to change depending on author schedules, family lives, personal issues and so on. We make no apologies for the fact we’re a small company whose priority is family and the welfare of our authors and one another. We refuse to churn out books quickly for the sake of it and prefer to take our time perfecting the publications!

Let us know what you think! What books are you looking forward to?


Autonomy – Jude Houghton
Serpent of the Shangrove – C.N Lesley
The Diary of V. Frankenstein – Steven J. Guscott
Blood Bank – Zoe Markham
A Friendship Forged – Sophie E. Tallis
Fight Like A Girl – Ed. Joanne Hall & Roz Clarke



James Knight & The Orb of Ziarn – Allan Bott
The Siege of Kallorm – Sophie E. Tallis
Twisted – Sammy HK Smith
Warrior’s Touch – Deb E. Howell
High Flight & Flames – Kate Coe


The Sky- Slayer – Joel Cornah
Amunet – Robert Harkess
The Heart of Nature – Steven J. Guscott
The Sinner’s Daughter – Gillian O’Rourke
Salt Winds & Wandering – Kate Coe
Chalice of the Shadows – C.N Lesley


Summer Goddess – Joanne Hall
The High King’s Vengeance – Steven Poore
Empty Skies & Sunlight – Kate Coe
Cruelty: Unbound – Ellen Crosháin


Press packs, ISBNs and ARCS will be available in due course. Please do contact us if you are interested in reading any advanced reader copies of our titles. 

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