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Kristell Ink Welcomes Two New Authors! 1

Great news today! We’ve been sitting on this for a while now, but I’m delighted to be able to announce two new signings for Kristell Ink. Both authors submitted to our open submissions window last year with novels that needed a little bit of extra work and consideration, and I’m […]

Call For Anthology Submissions 3

Hi All! The time has come! We’re opening up submissions for a trio of speculative fiction anthologies that we hope you’ll love. Edited by A J Dalton, Robyn Fulton, Kate Coe and Amanda Rutter. We’re proud to bring you the following: Infinite Dysmorphia An anthology of science fiction and speculative […]

News on our Open Door 2

Submissions have been closed for a while. We had a great response late 2013 and accepted some cracking novels. Including, but not limited to: Joel Cornah’s ‘The Sea-Stone Sword’ Katie Alford’s ‘Atlantis and the Game of Time’ Kate Coe’s ‘Green Sky & Sparks’ Steven Poore’s ‘The Heir To The North’   Our […]

Trick or Treat?

A little something to think about as you head out to those haunting experiences tomorrow. What is real? What is fantasy and where does science come into play? How about looking at what the real Ghostbusters found out during research at a university? The question is magic, legerdemain or maybe […]

Heads Up…

We’ve been busy kittens here at Grimbold HQ over the last few months – so much so that we’ve a lovely full Kristell Ink novel catalogue for 2014! Our mantra has always been ‘quality over quantity’, and we think that shows with our publications so far. Not sure? Grab one […]

Forewarned is forearmed.

  On the 1st of July, we will be closing submissions for the time being. We have some excellent manuscripts to read, and our catalogue for 2014 is starting to fill up nicely. If you have something you would like to submit, please do so by the closing date, or […]

On Sale Now! Strange Tales from the Scriptorian Vaults

Click here to buy the UK Kindle version! Click here to buy the US Kindle version! Paperback ISBN 978-1-909374-01-0 Here at Kristell Ink we are pleased to announce our first publication: Strange Tales From The Scriptorian Vaults, an anthology of carefully chosen steampunk inspired stories. Strange Tales From The Scriptorian […]

Strange Tales from the Scriptorian Vaults

Chuck vs Firefly (Paige Daniels)

Chuck vs. Firefly   I saw this call for blogs describing our favorite sci-fi book, movie, television show, etc. I thought this should be easy, because there aren’t many good science fiction television shows out there (past or present). There has to be one that stands out among all the […]

Open for Submissions!

It’s been a month since we’ve posted. Sorry about that … but in our defence, we’ve been rather busy in the office. Over the last few weeks we’ve had long and in depth discussions surrounding ways to move forward. When Kristell Ink was set up, we wanted to be different […]

Evolution 2

No, not the evolution of man, but the evolution of Kristell Ink. With the explosion of eBooks, the world of publishing is changing at an almost weekly pace. Social networking, blogging, conventions, digital readers and new software has made the process of publishing a book easy. But that process isn’t […]