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Gemmell Awards 2017 – Grimmies on Offer!

The Gemmell Awards, named in memory of the brilliant fantasist David Gemmell, rank among the most prestigious awards in the modern SFF genre. So it is with great excitement and pride that we can announce that not one but three of last years releases are on this year’s long lists […]

Another Cover Reveal!

So, on Wednesday we revealed the cover for the next novel by C.N Lesley (post here) and today we’re delighted to show you the cover for Joel Cornah’s next novel in the Diyngard world! The Sky Slayer takes us back to Rob Sardan and the immersive world of Pengs, pirates […]

The Spire of Frozen Fire promo video

A new promo video, this time for the novella, The Spire of Frozen Fire by Joel Cornah. Taking place several years before the events of The Sea-Stone Sword, this tale tells us of Jareth the pirate and her journey to Bron’Halla, the prison at the end of the world. She […]

Joel Cornah Book Event at Southport Library

This past Saturday, 15th November 2014, I went to Southport Library for a book signing, reading, and Q&A session. Having done a few of these now it’s becoming a little easier. But given that a year and a half ago I was an unhappy twenty-something oddball with unusual hair. I […]

Joel Cornah – Tolkien and The Sea-Stone Sword

In September I was invited to give a talk / Q&A session at Royal Holloway University London. Hosted by the Tolkien Society, the audience was a mixture of writing students, English Students and Tolkien enthusiasts. You can watch the whole session in the player above. It’s broken into sections with […]

Wait, What? We’re in August?

Wow, where has 2014 gone? June saw the launch of TWO Kristell Ink titles: In Search of Gods and Heroes by Sammy H.K Smith The Sea-Stone Sword by Joel Cornah   In Search of Gods and Heroes launched at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London. Not heard of it? It’s the […]

Happy Book Birthday, Joel Cornah! TWO releases on one day!

Congrats, Joel! It’s been a long journey but we’re thrilled that today we can announce to the world that ‘The Sea-Stone Sword’ is PUBLISHED! This was one of our favourite reads in 2013. It was also one of the most difficult decisions we’ve made. You see, it’s so wonderfully unique […]

Of Dinosaurs and Magic Swords – Joel Cornah

Of Dinosaurs and Magic Swords – Joel Cornah I’ve been writing stories about the fantasy world of diyngard for about fifteen years, ranging from children’s stories to near-apocalyptic adventures. It’s been something of an obsession of mine, complete with family trees, maps, and a complicated history of dragons, penguins and […]

COVER REVEAL! The Sea-Stone Sword by Joel Cornah

We’re excited to reveal the front cover for Joel Cornah’s ‘The Sea-Stone Sword’. This wonderful fantasy adventure will be released summer 2014… and we can’t wait! Cover Artist: Evelinn Enoksen Cover Designer: Ken Dawson of

A New Author Joins Us! And We Couldn’t Be More Thrilled!

Yes, we have signed a new author and just as the blog title states – we couldn’t be more thrilled. Joel subbed through to us a few months ago, and when we read the first few chapters of his novel, ‘The Sea-Stone Sword’, Joel’s enthusiasm and love for his characters […]