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Gemmell Awards 2017 – Grimmies on Offer!

The Gemmell Awards, named in memory of the brilliant fantasist David Gemmell, rank among the most prestigious awards in the modern SFF genre. So it is with great excitement and pride that we can announce that not one but three of last years releases are on this year’s long lists […]

The Art of Forgetting: Nomad COVER REVEAL!

The Art of Forgetting: Nomad – Joanne Hall Here it is! Finally! The gorgeous cover for a wonderful book…we can’t wait to share this with you all! In a single moment of defiance, driven by a rash act of compassion for a stranger, Rhodri turns his back on his unit, […]

You Won’t Forget This …. 4

In true January style, we’ve been rushing around over the last week, and as a result we almost forgot to share some delicious cover art with you! Joanne Hall joined Kristell Ink towards the end of last year. Her mammoth submission had a fantastic break point half way through that […]

Hearing Aid 2

(Inspired by the old Norwegian folk tale: God dag man økseskaft by Asbjørnsen and Moe)   Everything was set; the bird was in the oven and the gravy was bubbling. The house was ready to receive its guests. But the old man had lost his hearing aid. He`d looked everywhere, […]