Submissions and Competitions

It’s been a while since we/I posted. The wheels have been turning, the cogs grinding, and the publishing elves have been working super hard.

So hard in fact that the publishing schedule for 2013 is completely full. We are now reading submissions for 2014.

Just… wow.

So, if you have a submission pending, please be assured that we are reading and considering each and every one seriously. 14 days was our target when we started, but given the huge interest in Kristell Ink this has increased to a month.


In other news, Kristell Ink author Paige Daniels is running a competition.
It’s her birthday month (who just wants a day?), and she wants to celebrate with the world.
For a chance to win a signed copy of her book, Non-Compliance: The Sector, a tee-shirt, postcard and bookmarks, a tote bag and a $25 Amazon voucher just click on the clink below and enter.

It’s free, it’s quick, and there’s no catch.

Here’s the entry form (rafflecopter):

Non-Compliance Giveaway

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