Reviews and Why They’re Important

Today we received a lovely review for our first release Strange Tales from the Scriptorian Vaults (purchase links at the end of the post). Reviews are always welcome, and I’m sure all writers will agree they are invaluable.

Often writers write for themselves. They write poems, stories and novels filled with words and characters that make them smile, laugh and cry.

When a writer decides to unleash their work on the world, it can be a hideously nerve-wracking time. Will their work be enjoyed? Will it be hated? Where needs work? Did their spin work?

This is where the lovely reviewer comes in: an honest and well-written review means the world to a writer. It can make (or break!) their confidence, but if the review is factually correct – it is always welcome.

I know that several of the writers for the Scriptorian anthology were nervous about submitting. They worried their writing wasn’t good enough, that they waffled too much, that their story wasn’t quite right. All of these are normal worries, and yet a good review can help ease the worrying; which in turn leads to more confidence, and then (hopefully) more writing. Good times.

So, gentle reader, please review all the releases you read. Goodreads and Amazon are probably the best platforms for doing so at the moment. It might take a while, but it really is appreciated.

Link to the review:

Click here to buy the UK Kindle version

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(paperback versions also available)