Emma Sedgwick

I am a self taught artist from the UK, with a preference for the dark and the weird sort of art. As a naturally imaginative person the fantasy genre has always been my favourite realm to hang out in, there is so much freedom to throw away all the rules and make your own. I have studied world design and I am working on the design of my own world, paying particular interest to the way a world evolves over millions of years and how events millions of years in the past can affect the future.

If I were asked what inspires me the most I would answer: “My dreams.” Dreams are a large part in my life with a significant portion of them being either lucid dreams, or sleep paralysis dreams. Dreams teach me so much, especially about the ambiguity of everything; many of the characters I write and draw have origins in my dreams.

While my preferred medium is digital art I also enjoy other forms of creative expression such as writing, photography and watercolours.

Her portfolio can be found at www.EmmaSedgwickArt.com.