The Book of Orm

By A J Dalton, Nadine West and Matt White

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This exciting new collection brings together the writing talents of international fantasy author A J Dalton, Nadine West (Bridport Anthology) and Matt White (prize-winning scriptwriter). Magic, myth and heroic mayhem combine in a world that is eerily familiar yet beautifully liberating.

Readers’ Favorite finished their cracking review by saying, “I enjoyed the writing style the most in The Book of Orm. A.J. Dalton has the ability to seamlessly integrate description with plot in a way that leaves you restless and eager for the book to progress. All of the characters are ones you can get behind, and though you only have the barest of moments with each one, they all leave great impressions on you. Then, when you think you might have had enough, extras from Nadine West and Matthew White bring just the change of flavor that you were looking for. A solid read and one that has brought many new authors to my doorstep!” (full review)