Songs of Seraphina

Songs of Seraphina – Jude Houghton

A woman is taken in the night by two mysterious figures. Presumed dead, her daughters are sent away to stay with their estranged grandparents. Rather than being left to mourn in peace, their inheritance sweeps them into a twilight world of survival, vengeance and retribution.

“Songs of Seraphina” is about three sisters, Charlemagne, Cairo and Penny Agonistes, searching for the truth about their mother, and themselves.

It’s about Hamquist and Crakes, two demigod assassins wrestling with their conscience and a millennium of history.

And it’s about Seraphina, a world of class struggle and intrigue, of gods and power, and of the great cultures of Acraphea, Serendip and Gildas.

After their mother vanishes, Charlemagne (18), Cairo (15) and Penny (13) are sent to live with the eccentric Gaffer and Ogg, who turn out to be aristocratic refugees from another world, existing in anonymity in a small town in rural England.
On the first night, Ogg insists on taking them to a wake, where Charlemagne ends up marrying a dead man. One after the other, the girls, together with their unique gifts, are dragged into an ancient struggle.
Charlemagne becomes a great lady in a crumbling civilization, Cairo a rebel against the empire, and Penny the torchbearer of the search for their lost mother.

Slowly they realize that their actions will determine the fate not only of their mother, but of an entire world.