The Book of Prophecy

By Steven J.Guscott

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In a world where technology and evolution has ground to a halt, Dragatu and his brothers are gifted with powers that will change their lives, and their world, forever.

After the death of his father, Dragatu vowed that he would never give in, never give up, and never be weak. Strong, focussed and undeterred, he often ignored criticism and caution, eventually convincing his townspeople to build a water source and expand. This sets the wheels of change in motion, and soon The Creator intervenes and releases the untapped potential within the three brothers.

Gifted with extraordinary powers, balanced finely on choice and consequence, the brothers finally learn the meaning of sacrifice, and that strength comes in many forms.

Philosophy, pain, heartbreak and love. This is a book for those that enjoy their fantasy layered with strong characterisation.