Open for Submissions!

It’s been a month since we’ve posted. Sorry about that … but in our defence, we’ve been rather busy in the office. Over the last few weeks we’ve had long and in depth discussions surrounding ways to move forward.

When Kristell Ink was set up, we wanted to be different from the 100s of other small imprints out there. Yes, initially KI was to be a platform solely for Sammy’s work – but over time this thought process has changed and instead, KI will be a platform for books and authors we respect, enjoy and admire.

For this very reason, we’ve set aside time and finances to making this work. We’re in negotiations with our first author at the moment, (and will be looking to release some news surrounding that very soon) but we’re now on the active lookout for others to join our team.

Yes we’re small, yes we’re an ‘unknown’, but we’re committed, and we’re offering terms and a package that we are confident won’t be bettered elsewhere.

We view this as very much a team venture.

So – if you’re interested, please check out our open submissions page.