Now Hear This! Now Hear This!

Did you know that you can now get some of our fantastic – and award-nominated! – novels as audiobooks? That’s right – we’re up on Audible and iTunes with three books so far, with three more already in the works!

Healer’s Touch, by Deb E Howell, narrated by Kathryn Fields (UKUS)
Heir to the North, by Steven Poore, narrated by Diana Croft (UKUS)
Cruelty, by Ellen Croshain, narrated by Maxine Lennon (UKUS)

If you’ve already bought the ebooks through Amazon, then you can get the audiobooks at a discounted price to complement them.

Did we say we have more in the works? Oh yes – look out in 2017 for these titles – and possibly more too –

The Sea Stone Sword, by Joel Cornah
Darkspire Reaches, by CN Lesley
In Search of Gods and Heroes, by Sammy HK Smith


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