News on our Open Door 2

Submissions have been closed for a while. We had a great response late 2013 and accepted some cracking novels. Including, but not limited to:

Joel Cornah’s ‘The Sea-Stone Sword’

Katie Alford’s ‘Atlantis and the Game of Time’

Kate Coe’s ‘Green Sky & Sparks’

Steven Poore’s ‘The Heir To The North’


Our catalogue for 2016 is looking impressive already, but for 2016 Q4 and 2017 onwards, we’re looking for a few special novels to add to our growing and impressive collection. Doors will open on the 1st February and we’ll post up a link to our submittable site but, for the time being, here’s a quick description of what we’ll be looking for:

Between the 1/2/16 – 30/4/16 we will be looking for novels in the science fiction and fantasy genres (and all related sub-genres). Maximum word count of 130k. There is some ‘wiggle room’ of 10%, but your manuscript needs to be polished and exceptional.


Urban Fantasy – make it original, please. No Dresden Files clones. Strong characters, rich stories, and twists and turns galore!

Science Fiction – all forms, but a good space opera makes us feel warm and fuzzy…

Epic Fantasy – hero(ine) focused quest novels considered, but don’t be boring and cliched. Give us something new.

Grimbold Books is committed to bringing diverse and inclusive works to the market. LBGTQA, disabilities and people/characters of colour warmly welcomed and encouraged.


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