New Signing & New Author


We’ve wanted to share this with you for a while, but you know what it’s like … legal contracts needed to be signed, discussions to be had, but  we got there and …

Kristell Ink has officially signed up the marvellously talented Paige Daniels!

Paige’s book, Non-Compliance, excited us in the office. It has the perfect mix of humour, romance, violence, dystopia, science and tension. Paige’s skill at developing well-rounded, loveable characters with real emotions and believable actions is second to none. We think it’s going to be a corker and can’t wait to hold the polished print copy in our grubby little hands.

A little about the book from the author herself:

Shea Kelly had a brilliant career in technology. After refusing to implant an invasive government device in her body, she was sent to a modern day reservation, a Non-Compliance sector: a lawless community, run by thugs and organized crime.

Here she’s made a life for herself as a resourceful barkeep, and hacking for goods on the black market with her best friend Wynne. Life is pretty quiet under the reigning Mob Boss, Robert Jennings, until Danny Rose threatened to take over. Pushed to the edge by Danny’s bullying; Shea decides to fight back with her own unique brand of espionage and hacking. In her quest to rid her community of Danny, she must battle to maintain her own secrets, the ones that others would kill for.


About Paige:

Paige Daniels is an electrical engineer and physicist. In her spare time she enjoys working on her farm and building robots out of Legos.

She can be found here: Blog


Stay tuned for more news.

If you’re lucky, very lucky, we may just share a taster with you …




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