Meet the New Kits On The Block – Jack Teng

When we opened to submissions we said that one of the things we wanted was a really strong SF novel, and Jack Teng’s The Promise of a Battered Moon certainly fits the bill! Here’s Jack to tell us a little bit about himself….




I’m originally born in Montreal, though now, after bouncing around the country (and marrying my partner), I’m current living in Boulder, Colorado. I was previously an academic, but after getting sick of the politics of research, I spent about three years farming… when I developed a strong distaste for growing kale and fancy salad mixes. Don’t get me started. These days, I’m happily working a quiet administrative job as I write on my spare time.


Could you tell us a little bit about your book, The Promise of a Battered Moon – no spoilers please!

A planet-killer asteroid is hurtling to Earth and everyone is freaking out! But not Manon Fontaine. She knows what the asteroid really is and it’s hers. Once she controls it, she’ll revive the world’s post-war economy and also her mother’s mining company. But first, she needs to navigate family betrayals and kidnapping attempts before she can finally determine her own fate.


Meanwhile, Ann Wilson, an augmented Union super-soldier, has been having problems (beyond the mental strains of indiscriminate killing): her last targets were blown up with fractional deuterium devices, and made things very messy. Ann hates messes. What she hates more is a commanding officer who jerks her around and then sends her, of all places, to Luna City. Little does she know she’s conducting illegal missions to gain control of the asteroid.


In the middle of it all, is Eric Lin, a Union-born-Chinese thruster mechanic. Because of the war with the PPA, he’s been ostracized and forced off-planet to Luna City and theorbital colonies. All he wants is to be accepted and left in peace. This apparently is too much to ask, as both the Union and the PPA send soldiers to drag him away for the-hell-knows what. The reason is in fact that he holds the key to controlling the asteroid.


Amidst traitorous double-agents and assassinations, Manon, Ann and Eric’s paths collide, leaving a wake of destroyed orbital stations and rampaging mobs, ultimately leading them into a confrontation on the moon.


 What are you most looking forward to about working with Kristell Ink?

I’m most excited about the personal touch at Kristell Ink! I also really like the fact that there’s a supportive community of Kristell Ink authors.


What was it that drew you to SFF in the first place, and what made you want to become a writer?

I’ve been reading SFF ever since I was about ten years old when my sister bought me The Hobbit. From there, I found David Eddings and Frank Herbert, and I’ve been reading SFF ever since! I’m not sure if I ever made a conscious decision to become a writer. I think it’s just something I did as a result of being immersed in the SFF world. Most recently though, I wrote my full-length novel when I was taking a break during my dissertation and I needed to write something that wasn’t as boring and soul-crushing as my thesis.


 What is your favourite part of writing?

Editing! That’s definitely the most satisfying part for me. It’s then I get to see my work and ideas come together.


 Who are your favourite SFF writers, and can you share some of your favourite books and movies of the past few years?

Tough question! My favourite SFF writer may be Mervyn Peake, though he may not be classified as SFF proper. For more recent authors, I follow a number of authors including Chuck Wendig, Charles Stross, Alastair Reynolds, Delilah S Dawson, Victoria Schwab. One novel that really surprised me was “Dark Run” by Mike Brooks and also “Of Bone and Thunder” by Chris Evans.


 Any links you’d like to share with us?

Sure! Check out my website and my Facebook profile!



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