Kickstarter Happiness

Yarp. We did it! We exceeded our initial target by a whopping £1400… taking us to £4200. Unbelievable. I honestly cried happy tears at the support people have shown us. You are all so very amazing and incredible.

There’s a post on the Grimbold website quickly detailing our plans for the campaign funds, but briefly, I’ll recap here: Netgalley, conventions, audio books and large print editions. We want to get Grimbold books in libraries and thus in the hands of even more people…fingers crossed we can make this happen!

Things have been quiet(ish) on the news front. Our open window submissions period was very successful and we’re wading through the submissions now. There have been so many that we have two trusted readers on board helping us. We’ve signed two new authors, Ellen Croshain and Steven Poore. Both their novels are simply amazing and we may just share a taster of each with you very soon!

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