Joel Cornah Book Event at Southport Library

This past Saturday, 15th November 2014, I went to Southport Library for a book signing, reading, and Q&A session.

Having done a few of these now it’s becoming a little easier. But given that a year and a half ago I was an unhappy twenty-something oddball with unusual hair. I am still most of those things, actually, now that I think about it. Still, it’s getting easier. I’m still working on my voices. At the moment I’m just about getting by with variations on “exaggerated Yorkshireman from down t’ pit”. Maybe I’ll add a Lancashire accent at some point. I probably should.

Anyway, it was great meeting new fans and getting to answer questions about writing, dyslexia and feminism. I cover a lot of ground in my ramblings, it seems.

The highlight for me was when a young girl (about 12 or 13) was being shown around by her parent who came to look at the book. The girl was interested in SSS and her mother asked “Is it suitable for girls?” I said that yes, it was. There are about as many girls as boys in the book. And I said I was working on the sequel “where the girls outnumber the boys!” and the little girl’s face lit up and she smiled so wide! I felt quite proud. 🙂

I’m going to be trying to organise another event in December if I can. Wish me luck!

Southport Libary