Jean-Luc Picard & Star Trek:TNG (Mary Enck)

Short, but to the point.
There are so many areas where Star Trek: TNG embodies what the future holds in store for us. Many of the innovations in those episodes we first watched over 25 years ago  are operative today. Cell phones, highly evolved computers and what they can do for us, medical lazers and so much more. Now if we could just perfect those transporters to beam us around to places we want to go …
The story lines in TNG always fascinated me. The way the characters from all races were able to work together and respect their abilities is what I hope for in this age. I loved the dialogue, the settings, and most of all the characters. I especially admire the persona of Captain Jean Luc Picard. He represents all I aspire to be. He is calm, commands situations with intelligence, and is honorable.
There is something within the personality of Patrick Stewart that accounts for his ability to portray a leader who is respected by everyone who comes in contact with him.
Mary Enck