Happy Book Birthday, Joel Cornah! TWO releases on one day!

Congrats, Joel! It’s been a long journey but we’re thrilled that today we can announce to the world that ‘The Sea-Stone Sword’ is PUBLISHED!

This was one of our favourite reads in 2013. It was also one of the most difficult decisions we’ve made. You see, it’s so wonderfully unique that we were unsure were to place it. Young Adult? Adult? Traditional ‘epic’ fantasy or something else? In the end though none of that mattered. Joel’s story-telling skills needed to be shared with the world, and so here we are.

If you like pirates, fantasy, dinosaurs, penguins, and amazing, layered characters – then this is for you!

Digital Cover TSSS

“Heroes are more than just stories, they’re people. And people are complicated, people are strange. Nobody is a hero through and through, there’s always something in them that’ll turn sour. You’ll learn it one day. There are no heroes, only villains who win.”

Rob Sardan is going to be a legend, but the road to heroism is paved with temptation and deceit. Exiled to a distant and violent country, Rob is forced to fight his closest friends for survival, only to discover his mother’s nemesis is still alive, and is determined to wipe out her family and all her allies. The only way the Pirate Lord, Mothar, can be stopped is with the Sea-Stone Sword – yet even the sword itself seems fickle, twisting Rob’s quest in poisonous directions, blurring the line between hero and villain. Nobody is who they seem, and Rob can no longer trust even his own instincts.

Driven by dreams of glory, Rob sees only his future as a hero, not the dark path upon which he draws ever closer to infamy.

Available in paperback and ebook format from all good bookstores.


But wait… there’s more! Not only is ‘The Sea-Stone Sword’ being released, but we’re also releasing a short story set a few years before the events of the novel. The Spire of Frozen Fire covers the back story of two important characters – and it’s brilliant.


See below for details:

Spire of Frozen Fire Cover“…It was vast and unshakable, reaching into the clouds and beyond them. Peak upon peak, spikes of crystal jutted ever upwards until they reached a point that scraped the edge of the sky. Glittering blue and white, each spear of glass had a face smoothed by centuries of wind, but their edges stung the eyes with their sharpness. It was as if a million blades made for giants had grown out of the ground – not just giants, though, giants among giants…”

Set several years before the events of The Sea-Stone Sword, The Spire of Frozen Fire tells the story of Jareth, the pirate, who alone travelled the endless tundra of the south. She found the ancient prison of the Pengs, Bron’Halla, the Mourning Hall. A tower of ice and crystal.

Available on Amazon (worldwide) and Smashwords (epub). Pocket paperback to come!






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