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As you know, Grimbold recently held an Open Submissions period. We had an enormous number of submissions and the quality was incredibly high, which made it really hard to narrow down our final selection of authors. Which is why the process has taken rather a long time!

However, now contracts have been exchanged and people have signed on the dotted line, I’m delighted to be able to introduce our newest authors to you. We’ll be adding bio pages to the site once the revamp has been done, but for now, please give a big Grimbold welcome to :

JASON WHITTLE – Jason is an author based in Hampshire, and a passionate follower of lower-league football. His novella Escaping Firgo has been described by our subs team as “Hot Fuzz meets messed-up Trumpton”, if you can imagine that…

JENNIFER LEE ROSSMAN – Jennifer’s novella Anachronism was a favourite with all of our slush readers – it’s a smart time-travel heist comedy with a number of clever twists that we think you’ll love. Jennifer lives in a rinky-dink town with not enough bookstores, somewhere in New York State, and Anachronism will be her first published novella.

KATE O’CONNOR – Kate O’Connor’s Mermaids was nominated for a Nebula award with a previous publisher, so we’re very happy to be able to give this chilling sf retelling of a classic fairy tale a new lease of life via our novella imprint.

JACK TENG – Jack Teng is an author based on Colorado by way of Montreal, and his Promise of A Battered Moon is a near-future SF starring an enhanced cybersoldier, a bankrupt businesswoman and a hapless space-bum, all brought together by the threat or promise of an asteroid on a collision course with earth…

LINDSEY DUNCAN – Lindsey is the willing servant to a pair of beautiful Bichon pups, a very fine cook, and plays and composes for the Celtic harp. As if this wasn’t enough, she’s also written Scylla and Charybdis, a glorious space opera in the tradition of Lois McMaster Bujold, which was one of our firm favourites right from the start of the open subs period.

ISHA CROWE – Isha is a writer based in Wales, and her Gwithyas : Door to the Void is the first in a series of YA gothic novels following the misfortunes of Zircon Gwithyas, his very strange family and their ramshackle haunted house – think Helen Cresswell meets Crimson Peak. We all loved the first book here and want to read more!

JESSICA RYDILL – Jessica Rydill is the author of a series of books previously published by Orbit. When she sent us Winterbloom we liked it so much that we asked her if we could re-publish the whole series, and we’re very happy she said yes! Jessica lives near Bath and collects and customises vintage dolls.

We’re very happy to have taken on such a talented crew of people, and we’re sure you’ll love their books as much as we do. Look forward to more from our new authors soon – watch this space!



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