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grey stone and steel

*Kermit flails*…It’s here! It’s here! The next installment of Kate Coe’s wonderful steampunk fantasy series has arrived, and it’s simply wonderful. Available to purchase from the 1st of December 2015 – but pre-orders are possible now!


Following on from the hugely loved ‘Green Sky & Sparks’, we return to Meton where Toru Idalin, the Lord Heir, has a problem. The man he loves has accidentally made Toru into a powerful Mage, and Toru caused a soulbond between himself and a grieving Healer. Now Catter has left, unable to deal with Toru’s connection to S’ian. But when Quorl is attacked by an enemy intent on gaining the secret of newfound flight and electricity, the ripples from Catter’s actions become even more important, and Toru is thrown into the struggle to defend both his land and his partner.

Grey Stone & Steel will be an Amazon exclusive title for the first three months, however review copies of the first installment, and this amazing title are available. Please contact us if interested.
Praise for Kate Coe (Amazon Reviewers):

…Kate Coe has extraordinary talent. With these novellas she has created a complex, rich world with strong world-building and conflicted characters with depth…

…Gender stereotypes,sexual orientation expectations and cliches are blown right out of the water, if you want a story about people who behave like real people with all our foibles and many contradictions AND contains adventure, magic,romance and political machinations then “Green Sky and Sparks” is the book to read…

…Kate Coe has obviously put a great deal of thought into her well-crafted world and rounded characters, fleshing out each individual, even the minor characters, and layering the story with subtext and hints towards a much wider story outside the slender confines of this poignant, touching novella…

…The book provides many surprises that come not from sudden deaths or shocking acts of violence, but instead from the originality of the setting and the subtle development of the characters and their relationships…

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