Gemmell Awards 2017 – Grimmies on Offer!

The Gemmell Awards, named in memory of the brilliant fantasist David Gemmell, rank among the most prestigious awards in the modern SFF genre. So it is with great excitement and pride that we can announce that not one but three of last years releases are on this year’s long lists open to a public vote!

The Sky Slayer, by Joel Cornah, The Summer Goddess, by Joanne Hall, and The High King’s Vengeance, by Steven Poore, are all on the long list for the main Legend Award. And the cover art for those three books – by Evelinn Enoksen, Jason Deem, and Jorge Luis Torres respectively, are all on the long list for the Ravenheart Award. If you’ve enjoyed any of these books, or you like what you see below, we’d love your support in the voting – anyone can vote!

(Did we mention that as it’s a public vote, anyone can vote? No?)

And as a celebratory bonus, Grim and Bold have slashed the prices of all three e-books to just 99p/99c for a limited time! If you’re missing any of these wonderful fantasies, go buy them now!

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