Final Cover Reveal. 3 for 3!

Wednesday we brought you C.N Lesley’s cover for Serpent of the Shangrove, Friday we brought you Joel Cornah’s cover for The Sky Slayer, and today we bring you Sammy H.K Smith’s cover for her novella, Twisted.

This is what she had to say:

I love mythology: Greek, Roman, Norse,Egyptian, Babylonian (especially Babylonian) and many more. For a while I considered writing a collection of paranormal fantasy stories with each concentrating on individual mythologies and deities. However, I then thought “what the hell” let’s mix them all up.

So Mythinia was born. An M C Escher styled world that turns, shifts and changes as the world moves on its axis.

Isabella Gens Julia – Bella or Bells to her friends (and Izzy to Wyll) – is half mortal, half Lars, and much to her dismay that makes her a dens daimones, commonly known as a tooth fairy.  When Nyx holds the fairies hostage at the Winter Ball and starts killing them one by one,Izzy steps up. Well, Izzy and a group of questionable ‘soldiers’ – including Loki, Queen Gwendolen, Atalanta and her Wyll. You’d recognise him by the name of Merlin …

Izzy is bad-tempered and foul-mouthed. This isn’t a novella for children…


Twisted Digital Cover


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