Evolution 2

No, not the evolution of man, but the evolution of Kristell Ink.

With the explosion of eBooks, the world of publishing is changing at an almost weekly pace. Social networking, blogging, conventions, digital readers and new software has made the process of publishing a book easy.

But that process isn’t without flaws; because it is so easy, it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to quality. For example, Amazon Kindle is probably the most well-known and used publishing platform, however one click on the Kindle books section and it becomes obvious that there are many, many badly edited, poorly formatted and mediocre self-published books camouflaging the hidden gems.

Kristell Ink wants to find those hidden gems before they are self-published and disappear into the swamp of average.

And so the idea of an imprint specialising in fantasy (all forms, paranormal, high, epic, steampunk etc) and science fiction was born. As readers and lovers of these genres we want to help writers publish their stories and give them the best chance at success.

Why are we different from the rest? What makes Kristell Ink any better from the glut of independent presses that have appeared over the last two years? Well, we believe in quality, not quantity. By concentrating on a small select number of stories we can pour our energy, finances and creativity into publishing those books. We aren’t interested in churning out tens of books a year; we’d rather give you the best.



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2 thoughts on “Evolution

  • Dean Kelly


    I have written an autobiography called ROUGH JUSTICE

    I am interested in getting my story out there and e-book seems a popular way of doing it.

    How does Kristell work ?

    Dean Kelly

    • admin Post author

      Hi Dean,

      We specialise in Fantasy and Science Fiction, but to answer your question we would recommend that you first find a good editor to go through your work.
      Not just someone who line edits, but someone who will connect with you and your story, someone who cares and understands what it is you’re trying to say.

      E-books are indeed the most popular platform at the moment, but before publishing your book – make sure that you have a solid marketing and publicity plan in place. With so many books flooding the market, you really need to make sure that you have a good idea of what demographic you wish to target. know who will review your books, as well as targeting and speaking to local independent book stores and newspapers. These will undoubtedly help raise your profile and your book.

      Good luck, and please stay in touch. We’ll be running some in depth blog posts in the future about ways to “sell” yourself online and in person.

      ~ Kristell Ink.