Cover Reveal: Spark and Carousel by Joanne Hall 2

Isn’t it beautiful?! The wonderful Evelinn Enoksen took on the challenge and we think she’s done a cracking job. It’s evocative, stylised and really captures some of the themes of the novel. There’s something very special about Evelinn’s art that lends itself to the fantasy genre.

We involve our authors in every step of the process, from concept to final sign off, and I know Jo is thrilled with the final product (as are we!). Hope you all feel the same as we do!

Here’s a ‘taster’ blurb… and if you’re lucky, we’ll share a little taster of the story very soon as well!

Spark and Carousel Front Cover DIGITALOn the run after the death of his mentor, wild with untamed magic, Spark arrives in the city of Cape Carey, where his untapped talents make him the target for rival criminal gangs. His guide through the intrigues of the Cape Carey underworld is Carousel, a wire-walker and a thief, who takes him under her wing.
Elvienne and Kayall ride south to the city, hunting the lost fosterling of their murdered friend. Their mission is to track down a killer, and prevent Spark’s magic from spiralling out of control. They need to find him before he falls into the hands of those who would exploit his raw talent for their own gain, who would force Spark to confront a power he is not ready to handle.
Wealthy Allorise Carey has her own plans for both Spark and Carousel, and the sudden arrival of the mages throws all her carefully-laid plans into disarray, as she unleashes a terrible evil onto the streets of the unsuspecting city. An evil only Spark’s magic can control, if she can track him down…

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