Cover Reveal!

Sword of Shadows by C.N. Lesley is coming…soon.


With the 99c/77p promotion of the terrific Shadow Over Avalon in full swing, what better time to reveal the cover for book 2 of the series?
Credit to Evelinn Enoksen and Ken Dawson for the wonderful artwork.

Carving out a life on the surface world for themselves and a small band of Outcasts, Arthur and Kai make a horrifying discovery. The crystal earrings that block thought probes from the Nestines no longer work. Instead, they have become a loadstone, guiding the enemy to them. Return to Avalon is the only option.

Kiri Ung, prime leader of the Nestines has been busy implementing new orders from his queen. He must acquire Arthur alive. Avalon is no longer the safe haven it was. Te Krull, the secondary leader, also has his sights set on Arthur. To the victor goes the glory.

The untrustworthy demigod, Emrys, sends Arthur on a quest for star metal sword lost millennia past, for only this can halt the tide of destruction for humanity. Can he gain the talisman and avoid capture, or will Kiri Ung win this race?

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