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Fight Like A Girl – A New Anthology Coming Soon From Kristell Ink.
Sometimes the best ideas come from random conversations. And sometimes the best ideas come from Twitter. In this case, the idea came from the ferociously awesome Danie Ware, author of Ecko Burning, asking the authors on her Twitter feed if any of them would be interested in contributing to a women-only SFF anthology featuring not just feisty female fighters, but women who were true, hardened warriors.

That was the whole brief. You had to be a woman to submit, and the SFF women of Twitter responded in their droves. The result is (or will be) Fight Like A Girl, which is edited by Roz Clarke and Joanne Hall (Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion). The anthology is due to be published by Kristell Ink some time in the near future, so watch this space…

Cover art by Sarah Anne Langton

Cover art by Sarah Anne Langton

The stories are wide-ranging, from Space Opera to an urban fantasy of factional conflict in a near-future Brighton, Medieval warfare to pugilism on occupied planets. And some of the finest writers of contemporary SFF have contributed, including Gaie Sebold, Juliet McKenna, Kim Lakin-Smith, Lou Morgan and K T Davies.
We hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together!
Contents Include :

Archer 57 by Lou Morgan

Coins, Fights and Stories Always Have Two Sides  by Juliet McKenna

Fire and Ash by GaieSebold

The Quality of Light by K T Davies

Unnatural History by Danie Ware

Vocho’s Night Out by Julia Knight

The Coyote by K R Green

Silent Running by Sophie E Tallis

Arrested Development by Joanne Hall

Asenath by Kim Lakin-Smith

Sword Dancer of Azmai by Roz Clarke

The Cold Wind Oozes by Kelda Crich

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