Chuck vs Firefly (Paige Daniels)

Chuck vs. Firefly


I saw this call for blogs describing our favorite sci-fi book, movie, television show, etc. I thought this should be easy, because there aren’t many good science fiction television shows out there (past or present). There has to be one that stands out among all the crap. I scanned my memory and there were TWO shows heads and tails above the rest: Chuck and Firefly.

Okay, Okay I know what you’re going to say: “Of course it’s between those two shows.  They both have the lovely and talented Mr. Adam Baldwin and you have an unhealthy obsession with are a fan of Mr. Baldwin.”

Sure, while it is no coincidence that both shows have Mr. Baldwin (he lured me into watching the first episode of Chuck) both shows can definitely stand on their own. So without further ado I bring you the Battle Royale between Chuck and Firefly.