Joanne Hall’s Having A Great Giveaway!

Joanne Hall, she’s one generous lady! To celebrate 10k visitors to her blog – Jo’s running a rafflecopter giveaway, and you can win all her books in paperback, a tee-shirt, a notebook and ebook copy of The Art of Forgetting: Rider. How cool is that?? It’s incredibly easy to enter, […]

A Winter Visit

December, 1927   ‘I do hope you don’t mind,’ apologized Mrs Barrett, ‘but I’ve put you in the Print Room.’ Penny made a small grimace. ‘Oh Mummy, can’t Julia stay in the Nookery ?’ ‘I would have suggested it, my dear, but the heating . . . and until those […]

Non-Compliance Book Trailer

  Well, it’s here. The Non-Compliance Book Trailer has gone live on youtube! Personally, I love it. I think Leo Cosh and Rebecca Santiago have both done a great job with the voice overs, and the talented Ken Dawson (as always) has made the graphics distinctive and top notch! Tell […]