Calling Guest Bloggers

Now, my business partner has pointed the proverbial finger at me and shouted: “thief, thief!”

You see – I’ve stolen his idea. It was too good for him really … moving on …

Ok, I’d love to hear from the fantasy and science fiction fans out there. Tell me: what is your favourite TV show, movie, comic book, graphic novel, and/or book? And why?

If you wish to talk about the technicalities of the book/movie – feel free. If you want to concentrate on just the plot – not a problem.

Are there characters that you long to hang out with?

Worlds you dream of travelling to?

Dragons you wish you could ride?

You get the picture …

We’re looking to run guest blog posts over the next few months. One a week to start with, but if the interest is high – we’ll increase to bi-weekly.

Pictures are optional, but preferred. Humour is preferred, but optional.

Drop me an email at if you have any questions or wish to introduce yourself. Submit the post in .doc, .rtf or .odt and I’ll cut and paste it on to the site and let you know when the post goes live. Please include a small bio and any links to your own sites.


Good Hunting.