Book Birthday! Congratulations, Joanne Hall – The Art of Forgetting: Nomad


The Art of Forgetting: Nomad – Joanne Hall

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Praise for The Art of Forgetting


“…an excellent “rites-of-passage” story set in a well thought out fantasy world.”

Andy Fairchild – The Cult Den

“Joanne Hall’s world creating skills are absolutely beautiful. I followed the characters so closely that I felt a bond with some of them…”

IA Book Reviews

“When the story does move, it’s a hell of a ride. We meet demons and royalty and see both Rhodri and other characters come into their own. Morality is questioned, bravery is tested and tribulations endured…”

Alex Shepherd – Fantasy Faction

“This is a good book that pulls the reader along at a cracking pace.”

Cheryl Morgan

“Joanne Hall has created a richly developed world, where she has taken careful consideration of not only the majestic a fantasy world can offer, but also its flaws and political instabilities… But it’s the little intricacies of the characters – none are perfect – and the plot, that show the author to be a master of observation.”

Gillian O’Rourke – The Reluctant Prophet

“Joanne Hall is a wonderful writer and has done a beautiful job in crafting a fantasy story that almost feels like a historical novel.”

Michelle Randall – Reader’s Favourite 

“The Art of Forgetting is a compelling read, with an intriguing young hero struggling to discover the truth about his past. It’s not a book I’ll be forgetting any time soon!”

Emma Pass – ACID





In a single moment of defiance, driven by a rash act of compassion for a stranger, Rhodri turns his back on his unit, his country and his comrades in arms. Taken in by the Plains Hawk tribe, he finds compassion, love, and a new purpose for his unique memory. But just as he is beginning to accept his decision, an invasion from the east throws the tribe into chaos, and threatens to destroy the new life he has built.

Rhodri must rally the tribes to take on his former comrades, his former friends, and fight the forces of the crown he swore to protect—and the sister he has never known. Thrust into the role of leader, he must use the very lessons he learned in the King’s Third against his closest friends, and his most bitter enemy.


On the day of release, Jo will be signing books at Forbidden Planet in Bristol between 1-2pm. Drop by and say hello!

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