Meet the New Kits On The Block – Jack Teng

When we opened to submissions we said that one of the things we wanted was a really strong SF novel, and Jack Teng’s The Promise of a Battered Moon certainly fits the bill! Here’s Jack to tell us a little bit about himself….     I’m originally born in Montreal, […]

Meet The New Kits On The Block – Jessica Rydill

The second of our New Kits On The Block is Jessica Rydill, and we liked her novel Winterbloom so much that we’ve taken the option to re-publish her entire Children of the Shaman series – that’s four (maybe five) books. One of our subs readers compared Winterbloom to Naomi Novik’s […]

Meet The New Kits On The Block – Jennifer Lee Rossman 1

  Jennifer Lee Rossman came to us through our recent Open Submissions period with her novella Anachronism, which enchanted all of us when we read it. Jennifer agreed to submit to a little interrogation from me – welcome to the team, Jennifer!   Could you please tell us a little […]

Grimbold Welcomes Our New Authors! 1

As you know, Grimbold recently held an Open Submissions period. We had an enormous number of submissions and the quality was incredibly high, which made it really hard to narrow down our final selection of authors. Which is why the process has taken rather a long time! However, now contracts […]

The High King’s Vengeance – Cover art reveal at SFFWorld

We’ve been waiting to show you this cover for The High King’s Vengeance – the sequel to Steven Poore’s wonderful epic fantasy Heir to the North – for quite a while now! The good folks over at SFFWorld did the exclusive reveal yesterday along with an interview with Steven himself. […]

The High King's Vengeance

Submission Window Is Open!

We’ll just leave this here… Here’s a little interview with Joanne Hall, originally posted on her blog, we’ve shared again today to help you decide if submitting to kristell Ink is for you! *** I hope you’re all polishing your subs and making them the best they can be, because […]

Distant Worlds – Welcomes Augusta Bruce!

As 2016 continues, we travel to the stars for the ‘Distant Worlds’ interview strand – a cool way of spotlighting the very best new speculative fiction along with its creators – those hidden gems that are so often ignored by the mainstream. Today, we celebrate with another gem…this time a Grimbold editor of fantasy […]

Final Cover Reveal. 3 for 3!

Wednesday we brought you C.N Lesley’s cover for Serpent of the Shangrove, Friday we brought you Joel Cornah’s cover for The Sky Slayer, and today we bring you Sammy H.K Smith’s cover for her novella, Twisted. This is what she had to say: I love mythology: Greek, Roman, Norse,Egyptian, Babylonian […]

The Voice of the North!

We teased you on Facebook earlier, but here’s the news for real – Steven Poore‘s epic fantasy Heir To The North, the launch of which was one of our highlights of Fantasycon 2015, will be coming to Audible this year as an audiobook! We’re really excited to be taking this […]

The 2016 (tentative) Catalogue! 1

Slightly disorientated and bleary-eyed, we seem to have stumbled into 2016. 2015 was over before it really started, leaving us panicking and running around screaming ‘there’s too much to do!’ Still, Grimbold Books attended 2 conventions last year, selling and launching books at both. In total, we published over 10 titles…not bad for […]

First of THREE Cover Reveals! 2

Happy New Year, Everyone! 2016 looks to be an exciting year. We have some excellent pieces scheduled for release and today we’re sharing with you the cover for C.N Lesley’s Serpent of the Shangrove, her follow-on novel to the hugely successful Darkspire Reaches. Evelinn Enoksen has captured (again!) the feel of […]

Another Cover Reveal!

So, on Wednesday we revealed the cover for the next novel by C.N Lesley (post here) and today we’re delighted to show you the cover for Joel Cornah’s next novel in the Diyngard world! The Sky Slayer takes us back to Rob Sardan and the immersive world of Pengs, pirates […]