Badass Unicorns

Yup, you read that right. Badass Unicorns.
‘What?’ I hear you ask, let me explain…

At FantasyCon in York, Mhairi Simpson shared with me her anthology idea, and asked if we’d be interested in publishing it. A thousand times yes. You see, Mhairi edited and collated ‘Tales of Eve’, an amazing collection of stories for Fox Spirit that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I trust her judgement and abilities implicitly.

Badass Unicorns will be entirely different to ‘Tales of Eve’, and instead will be more lighthearted and bittersweet.

Unicorns are solitary and misunderstood, and yet not so different to us.

Sadly, a number of disabilities and disenfranchisements (YES IT IS A WORD) are often ignored. The fact is, adults coming out of prison often have trouble fitting back into society and are judged on their past instead of their present, and autistic children are often pushed away into the ‘too difficult’ box. Myths surrounding the vulnerable side of the community grow and become a thing of legend: much like unicorns.

Just because you’re different, doesn’t make you weak or worthless. Bring me your badass unicorns and show me the myths, legends, and all-around awesomeness.

Note from Mhairi:

I’m not going to go into all the different historical iterations of unicorns. For the purposes of this project, a unicorn is an animal with one horn. That animal does not have to be a horse. It doesn’t even have to be land-based. It can, however, have as many or as few legs as you like. It just needs to have a horn. Preferably pointy but I’m flexible.

There are many different kinds of badassery, some less showy than others. Again, I’m flexible.

Note from Sammy:

I’m really thrilled that Badass Unicorns is finding a home. I love Mhairi’s ideas and enthusiasm, and the entire premise of the collection made me smile. Who doesn’t want to help a charity? Who doesn’t want to help dispel myths and preconceptions surrounding those in the more vulnerable area of society? And who doesn’t want to do both these things in a fun, fresh, way involving Badass Unicorns!
Because this will be for charity, anyone who wants to forgo their physical copy of the book and raise even more cash for a great cause, is a hero in my eyes.
The charities that will benefit are as follows:

Strength In Horses Equine Therapy –

Lucky Charms Equine and Community Therapy Centre –

Hampshire Riding Therapy Centre –


At the moment, there’s no firm publication date. Mhairi has sent out submission invites to some wonderful authors and once we have the stories in…we’ll have a better idea when the anthology will be released!


(cover picture courtesy of PandaWhale)

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