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What We Stand For

Kristell Ink is a new and exciting publishing imprint with a specialisation in (although not limited to) the fantasy and science fiction genres.

Here at Kristell Ink we are passionate about books and focus our time, expertise and energy into publishing the very best and highly polished stories. This can only be achieved by building a close working relationship with our authors.

Our aim is to bring you characters, relationships, worlds and stories that you’ll love as much as we do.

In addition to professional editing and production, copies printed for reviews, arranging  cover art and publicity materials, we will be marketing strongly. There will also be anthologies, and short story and flash fiction competitions.

We’re interested in quality not quantity.

We will release work in both ebook (all platforms) and print (online retailers initially and book store ordering, with expansion that will allow us to stock the books in the stores on dedicated shelf space).

Who We Are

Sammy Smith is an author and a full-time detective in the UK specialising in domestic, child and sexual abuse, part-time she studies Latin and Ancient Greek at university. Living just outside of Oxford, she runs the Kristell Ink imprint, but she also controls the marketing, publicity and publication of all Grimbold Books titles from her small office.

Zoë Harris is an author, professional editor and documentation specialist based in Oslo, Norway. She studied creative and professional writing and editing in Adelaide, South Australia before moving to Norway where she now runs the Oslo International Writers’ Group. Zoë has also worked as a project manager in the IT and education sectors in both public and private industry. Zoë heads up the Tenebris Books imprint, but she works as part of the team to effectively edit, produce and market all titles.

Joanne Hall lives in Bristol, England. Her short stories have been published in several anthologies, including “Dark Spires” and “Future Bristol”. She had edited the anthologies, “Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion” and “Colinthology” (with Roz Clarke) and has edited work on a freelance basis for Bristol writers and for online social media games companies such as Big Fish Games, as well as for Dark Ocean Studios, a small comics company based in San Jose. She has also edited translations for Wallimage and TWIST, companies working in the Belgian film industry (please don’t ask her about Walloon tax shelters – she’ll only tell you, and you’ll instantly regret it!).You can contact her via her website at www.hierath.co.uk,

Ken Dawson studied Art & Design and Graphic Design at college, and then went on to study at the University of Central Lancashire, gaining a degree in Animation. Illustrating and writing have become his main passions, and he continues to work as a graphic designer also. Ken has joined the imprints as a design consultant; working with the authors on book trailers, promotional items and general design. He also owns and runs www.ccovers.co.uk, offering amazing book cover design at competitive prices.


Laura Westerman Laura Westerman gained a degree in American and English Literature from the University of East Anglia. She then went on to complete her Masters degree in 2013, specialising in American Literature with particular focus on feminist fiction and cultural studies. After spending some time in Norwich and also in Philadelphia, reading avidly and dabbling in creative writing, she now lives and works in Leicester. She has joined the Kristell Ink imprint as an editorial intern.

Emily Turner 
After donning the mortarboard and gown to accept her English and Creative Writing BA Hons, country girl Emily Turner found herself propelled halfway across the world by the strokes of luck and fate to teach English in China, owing to an auspiciously awarded TEFL scholarship. A camel ride along the Silk Road led her on to travel in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand before she finally returned to England and set up camp to tackle big city life in London. A lover of magic and madness, Emily joined Grimbold Books to satisfy her taste for tantalising tales and proofreading to perfection. Salsa, yoga, guitars, swimming, volunteering and dear friends keep Emily on her toes when she isn’t immersed in the world of books. She hopes to soon master the technique of turning left when dancing, as currently spinning to the right appears to be the only option open to her two left feet.

Guest Editors

Mhairi Simpson is a fantasy writer (mostly blood and inner demons) and inveterate traveller (mostly Europe and South America). An only child who grew up in boarding schools and with a background in modern languages and paper pushing, Mhairi has spent most of her life with words on a page, leading her to realise her best shot at faking sanity is to be a full time author/editor. She is most effectively bribed/tamed/friended with chocolate. Wine and cider also work.

Roz Clarke is a spec fic writer and editor, having fled (flee! fly!) a career in technical change management in 2012. She's a graduate of the Manchester Metropolitan Creative Writing MA and the Clarion West writer's workshop. She's had short stories published in various magazines and anthologies, including the story 'Haunt-Type Experience', which was first published in Black Static and was recently reprinted in the acclaimed anthology Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany.

She is co-editor, alongside Joanne Hall, of the anthologies Colinthology; a memorial project in honour of the much missed Colin Harvey; the Bristol Steampunk anthology Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion, and the forthcoming Kristell Ink anthology Fight Like a Girl.

Roz moved from Manchester to Bristol in 2007, and has been a member of the BristolCon committee since its inception in 2009. She is delighted to have come to rest in that peculiar, inspiring city, and is a member of both the wonderful Bristol Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, and the North Bristol Writer's Group, with whom she helped produce last year's North By Southwest anthology and is currently leading a collaborative novel project entitled The Sealed Room. Roz is BristolCon's principle website manager and produces the convention programme. She also occasionally blogs in her own right at www.firefew.com.
You can twit her at @zora_db, where she likes to talk about books, dogs and bicycles.

Meet the team

Sammy H.K Smith Creative Director
Zoe Harris Editorial Director
Ken Dawson Graphic Designer
Joanne Hall Acquisitions Editor
Mhairi Simpson Guest Editor
Laura Westerman Junior Editor and Intern
Roz Clarke Guest Editor
Emily Turner Proofreader and Intern