Roz Clarke

DSC_0183 -smallRoz Clarke is a spec fic writer and editor, having fled (flee! fly!) a career in technical change management in 2012. She’s a graduate of the Manchester Metropolitan Creative Writing MA and the Clarion West writer’s workshop. She’s had short stories published in various magazines and anthologies, including the story ‘Haunt-Type Experience’, which was first published in Black Static and was recently reprinted in the acclaimed anthology Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany.

She is co-editor, alongside Joanne Hall, of the anthologies Colinthology; a memorial project in honour of the much missed Colin Harvey; the Bristol Steampunk anthology Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion, and the Kristell Ink anthology Fight Like a Girl.

Roz moved from Manchester to Bristol in 2007, and has been a member of the BristolCon committee since its inception in 2009. She is delighted to have come to rest in that peculiar, inspiring city, and is a member of both the wonderful Bristol Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, and the North Bristol Writer’s Group, with whom she helped produce last year’s North By Southwest anthology and is currently leading a collaborative novel project entitled The Sealed Room. Roz is BristolCon’s principle website manager and produces the convention programme. She also occasionally blogs in her own right at

You can twit her at @zora_db, where she likes to talk about books, dogs and bicycles.