Emily Turner

Emily TurnerAfter donning the mortarboard and gown to accept her English and Creative Writing BA Hons, country girl Emily Turner found herself propelled halfway across the world by the strokes of luck and fate to teach English in China, owing to an auspiciously awarded TEFL scholarship. A camel ride along the Silk Road led her on to travel in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand before she finally returned to England and set up camp to tackle big city life in London. A lover of magic and madness, Emily joined Grimbold Books to satisfy her taste for tantalising tales and proofreading to perfection. Salsa, yoga, guitars, swimming, volunteering and dear friends keep Emily on her toes when she isn’t immersed in the world of books. She hopes to soon master the technique of turning left when dancing, as currently spinning to the right appears to be the only option open to her two left feet.

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